Snow Day on March 25??

Our morning started out pretty much as usual. Brian was up way too early (despite this being his first day of spring break). I got up at 5:30, had a cup of coffee, then started the morning routine with the kids a little after 6:00. After a very bad morning with a child who shall remain nameless, my phone tweeted at me saying school was dismissed because of the snow. I didn't even realize we had snow at this point, and at 6:46 we were already completely ready to head out the door. I would have liked to avoid the crazy morning with the kids, and sleeping in would have been a great start to my week so notification earlier would have been nice! If it seems like I'm complaining, I am. ;)

Other than the bad start to our Monday, the weekend was great. We had a large group from a church in Florida in town this week to help out our church, and it was good to visit with fellow Christians as well as to work hard promoting our own church. Our Saturday and Sunday were very, very full, but in the best possible way. In fact, we were so busy that I had no extra time to spend worrying about my CA125 (which was certainly a blessing). Despite the fact that Brian and the kids are home, my Monday is going to be spent as usual: doing a whole lot of laundry. Oh, and I've promised Rory she can "fix" my hair today so I'm imagining hours on end in a pretend salon.

A few phone pics from the weekend:

Don't hate me because this is all it takes for a snow day around here.

Addison at church Sunday morning.

Please excuse Rory's finger in this picture.

Rory asked to take a picture while she kissed me. I know it looks slightly artistic, but in reality it was just the best I could do one-handed with a 6 year old hanging on me.


Vicky said…
Well- maybe we won't be the only ones still going to school in June trying to make up all of our storm days? I had to pay my boys to play salon with me when they were younger- seriously love someone brushing my hair- Rory and I would have a grand time together :) Glad to hear the weekend went so well! Now- just waiting with you for the call...
Oh man... I cannot believe you have a snow day! Enough already, right?! And... LOVE the shot of you and Rory. Too sweet!
Amy said…
It is waaaay past time for spring! so sorry for the rough morning. Hope the rest of the day was much better!
One question...why aren't the kids on spring break if Brian is? I know; the details bog me down! I love the artsy kiss picture.
KrisJ said…
I get busy.. busy sucks! I love getting on here to catch up, I have been such a bad blogger for the last year! LOVE the photos as always!

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