Busy, Busy

I've had several people emailing me worried that I've received bad news since I haven't blogged. Nothing so disastrous as that - just very, very busy. Between overnight guests, several events at the kid's school, multiple church events, and van shopping (which has turned into a full-time job this week), we've just been gone from home for the last 4-5 days.

I'm happy to say that our van shopping is finally over. We've been on the hunt since January, and I was pretty sure we were never going to find what we wanted: something older but not too old (as in 5-6 years older because of price) with low(ish) mileage, under a certain price point, and we knew 2 or 3 models that we liked and had good reputations. Thank goodness we kept looking because we finally found exactly what we wanted. It's not new, but it's new to us, in great condition and has more bells and whistles than we've ever had. (I don't even have power windows on my 2001 Grand Am if that tells you anything). The kids are especially enamored with the built-in DVD player that holds 6 discs and the power side doors. ;)

I decided to hold an experiment to see how long it would take Dr. W's office to get back with me regarding my CA125 test as well as respond about an issue I'm having, a doctor's appointment, and scheduling my next CT scan. Eight days later I'm giving in and calling them as soon as their office opens this morning. Ever since Dr. W changed offices and had to replace most of his office staff, customer service has gone way downhill. It's not the kind of service you want from someone as serious as your oncologist, but it'll have to do for now because I have extremely limited options when it comes to a gynecological oncologist in Nashville.

In the midst of crazy town that has been our life, I managed to scrap over the weekend.


No pictures of the van?
How is your dad?
GUILTY, GUILTY of wondering about the Dr's call since there hadn't been a post! I know we are such stalkers! :) Sorry!
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Joyce said…
Just might need a copy of that page you scrapped!
Vicky said…
Waiting to hear... The hardest part is reading into the reason for the length of the wait- but I think you nailed it and I would be calling too-
Congrats on the van!! But boooo on the lame response from the doctor's office. :-(

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