I've received several emails about my wall art, and it seriously could not be easier to make if you've got some digital scrapping supplies and Photoshop Elements. If I can do it, anyone can do it because you know I'm the least crafty person alive.

I simply pulled up a pretty paper (from a retired Emily Powers kit - the same as is on my blog, by the way) and then added the text on top of it. I used Persnickety Prints (I also use them for all my photo and scrapbook printing) because they have such a great variety of sizes. I really wanted a canvas, but they are more pricey so I printed it as a mounted black 3/16 foamcore board, and it cost about $15. Easy! The foam board doesn't come with a photo hanger, and I think that we honestly used a piece of double sided tape because I was in a hurry and couldn't wait until I had a chance to shop for an actual flat hanger. ;)

I think I've mentioned on the blog before about my love of a good hair salon. Since we've moved, I haven't been able to find one close by for the kids so Rory hasn't had a trim since August (yikes!) and Camden went to a barber when we were in Illinois for Thanksgiving, and then I took him to Walmart in January, which was a colossal mistake. I know there are plenty of people out there who could care less about hair, but I am absolutely not one of them.

Why, yes, I am pretty high maintenance in that area. And others.

I finally tracked down a cute little shop about 10 minutes from here, and while they're kind of fancy for kids, their kid's price was good. It's the first haircut Camden has ever had where I felt like she absolutely understood his stick-straight Asian hair. She cut it completely with a razor, and it is the best haircut he's ever had. And Rory is just like me - she is all about the pampering. And Tori won her heart when she asked if she could braid or curl it. Rory chose a braid this time, but has big plans for curly hair next time.

Can you spot me in the picture?

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Unknown said…
Camden's hair looks AWESOME!
We are still on the hunt for a good hair place for Spencer. I'm beginning to think my standards are too high. ;-)

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