Gallery Wall

We finished up this gallery wall back in January, and I've taken multiple pictures of it, but because of limited light source and color casts, I just can't seem to take pictures of it with correct white balance. I issued a challenge to myself to keep trying until I got it just right, but after several tries decided not to be an over-achiever and just go with what I have. ;)

We used pictures from our Angela Crutcher Celebrating Adoption pictures from 2008 and the 2009 pictures with Kellie Penn from Across the Miles Photography. The only thing I added was the mirror I found on clearance, the yellow wall art I made myself, and the letters. While I really wanted to use all white and go with a cleaner look, I could not justify new frames for these pictures since we had them professionally framed several years ago.

View from the top of the stairs

View from the living room (notice the crazy red color cast on the walls - promise it doesn't look like that in real life!).



I saw this quote on Pinterest right after we moved in, and immediately went to the computer to recreate it for this wall. I thought the quote was so perfect for many things in our life: marriage, parenting, cancer, etc.

After 5 months in the house, we finally hung a towel bar in the master bathroom (the only bathroom to have a towel bar, by the way) and added the art my sister-in-law made us. I'm sad that the wall looks dingy here, because (once again) I promise it's not.

Finally!! A true picture of our wall color. My new shower curtain.

I have another gallery wall for our bedroom in the works. Here's hoping it's not some big decorating no-no to have more than one per house.


Melissa said…
LOVE!!! Melissa, it all looks so beautiful. btw, I'm in love with your shower curtain.
Renee T. said…
that shower curtain is awesome!
and I love that wonderful quote :)
Amanda said…
I love it all. So clean and fresh!! Looks so relaxing!!
sandy atwood said…
Love it - so beautiful! You have a good eye for decorating.

How did you make the saying? Tutorial, please?
Uhm... yes. We need a tutorial on how to make that wall art!!! And I love every single detail here (including the dark frames!) I need a gallery wall... STAT.
Amy said…
Oooh, I love it! Please do a tutorial on the sign!!

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