Based on Facebook statuses over the weekend, it looks as if everyone fell into one of two categories: warm, spring-like weather . . . or snow. We fell directly into the warm weather category, and the kids took full advantage. They headed outside as soon as school was out Friday, and then literally spent the entire day outside Saturday.

Rory set up this stick in the yard, found a rope, and said she was a cowboy . . .


. . . while Camden blew bubbles. ;) I should mention that he was also chasing the bubbles down with his ninja sword, I just didn't happen to have my camera out at that moment.

And speaking of ninjas, we've had a revival of ninja warfare in our house. They seem to cycle around to this every couple of months.

In other news, baseball practice started up this weekend. Camden is on the Pirates (he was on the Pirates last year, but different city/county and completely unrelated). He had a great first practice and caught every single one of the 10-12 pop flies thrown to him. We won't talk about the grounders that came his way. Saturday was just a "short" (the coach's words, not mine) 90 minute practice. It really gears up Tuesday with a two and a half hour practice, followed by 90 minutes Thursday and again Saturday. Our schedule just got alot busier!

He gears up for first practice of the season with a little Chronicles of Narnia.


Vicky said…
Breathing in your warm- I can almost feel it. I can't wait- the snow is still up to my chest in drifts around the house. Love the pics of the kids and how they "invent" their own kind of fun.
Wow! I am sitting here in shock at the length of a kid's practice session! I hope you have lots of good books ready!
Anonymous said…
Very cute. Your kids are beautiful and I like their smiles. Me and my alternative liver cancer treatment center enjoys looking at your blog. Thanks.
Great pictures! We got teased with a gorgeous afternoon yesterday and now it's flurrying and freezing. :-/

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