Late Nights

Because I was away from home last week, Rory had to attend the late baseball practices with Brian and Camden. Saturday night's practice was 7-10. Crazy, right? Anyway, after church Sunday morning, Brian left her in the car for 2 minutes while he ran back inside to pick something up, and this is how he found her. Sister can't take these late nights!


In other news, dad has hoped to go home for the last 2 days, but both days the doctor has found some suspicious seepage at his incision site. He says it would be disastrous to have an infection at this point so they're being cautious and keeping him. I remember well what it's like to sit at the hospital day after day waiting to go home, and it is no fun!


This picture has me snickering away. Thank you for the much needed laugh! I've been thinking of your Dad. I hope he gets released soon. I'm an "on-the-go" person too... so I can appreciate how hard this must be for him.
Amy said…
Poor girl! She looks so uncomfortable. Praying your dad is able to go home today!
The picture is priceless. Most of the ones you show us of Rory are! Poor girl! The untroubled sleep of youth-don't we all miss it?

Your dad is in the right place but I am sure he is ready to go home. Praying for him.

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