10 Things

1. Camden is home today for his first sick day in 4 years of school. He looks devastated, right? If he didn't love school so much, I'd say he was faking it (although pretty sure you can't fake a 101.5 fever!).


2. Walked out the door to snow on my car this morning. What??

3. Brian cut his hair into a mohawk for crazy hair day at school yesterday. Hello, Mr. T. And, no, that hairstyle isn't staying around.


4. The heater in our semi-healthy car is not working.

5. I've stopped by the local coffee shop 4 out of 5 times this week in an effort to keep warm. Bad, bad habit to get into.

6. Rory has requested "scabetti" (of course) for her family meal tonight.


7. I'm determined to get off sleep meds, which has contributed to those multiple stops at the coffee shop this week. It's a vicious cycle. I don't sleep for multiple nights in a row, but when I do sleep, I sleep so hard and don't move a muscle . . . which results in spending the next day in severe muscle pain and stiffness. I'm so old.

8. I've been reading 100 Days of Real Food, and it kinda makes me want to put my fingers in my ears and run away saying, "I can't hear you; I can't hear you; I can't hear you . . . "

9. Our washer (which has been around for most of our 16-year marriage) quit working yesterday. Does that mean I can stop doing laundry?

10. The March BYOC at The Lilypad is fab.u.lous. If I weren't so tired from not sleeping, I might settle back into my old ways of reserving Friday for scrapping late into the night.

And a bonus.
11. Camden is reading yesterday's blog post and just said, "You are so right. That is the same, stinking sparkle that I see in her eye every single day."


Renee T. said…
Aww--I hope Camden is feeling better soon :)
Renee T. said…
Oh, one more thing...
I.love.that Rory pic!
Amy said…
Hope Camden is feeling better soon. Brian's hair: I really don't know what to say except you don't want him to leave it like that? ;) I started reading 100 Days a couple of weeks ago and feel the exact same way. Hope you're able to rest this weekend!
Number 11 is HILARIOUS!!!!
Monica said…
I think Brian needs a clip on or magnetic earring to go with the new hairstyle! ;) And Camden's comments always make me smile...a stinking sparkle; he is too precious!
Unknown said…
Stumbled across your blog as my husband and I just started the adoption process for Korea. My mom is doing 100 days of real food currently and is loving it! She has four children under the age of 10 living at home and is still finding it possible: www.pomafamily.blogspot.com
I hope that Camden is feeling better soon! And that no one else gets sick! And his comment about the sparkle in Rory's eye?! Hysterical!

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