Good Friday

Rob Morgan, one of our favorite preachers, wrote a great article on Huffington Post titled What if Jesus Really Did Rise. It's fantastic, and we read it to our kids over lunch today. I love, love the way they understand and learn as they grow older. We also listened to this song, and Camden melts my heart as he sings along with all of his being.

Our church has big outreach events scheduled for the weekend, but it's looking as if rain is going to take over and cancel them. I don't know how you celebrate Easter, but I love that our kids have spent the week at school learning about Easter's true meaning. I'm not sure if there's anything more precious than knowing your kiddos get Easter, what Christ did for us, and the reason we celebrate. I'm not a big tradition kind of girl, but the phrase "He is Risen" and the response "He is Risen Indeed" gets me every time.

I saw a church sign yesterday that said, "He is Risen. Woot. Woot." Seriously. It's so awful it's almost funny.

After our horrific sibling week last week, the kids have managed to bounce back and are friends again. I'd like to think it was our consistent parenting, but more likely it was just a phase that is destined to return.

This was last week. Rory thinks "let's sit down and take a quick picture" means "why don't you hug and kiss Camden." You can see how excited Camden is about it.

I managed to force coax them into smiles. I sure do love them.


"Woot. Woot."???? Oh my, that is really funny!

Love the photos of the kiddos. Of course!

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