Four Weeks Already

It has already been four weeks since my last CA125 check, so I'm headed to Nashville for blood work this afternoon. I'm planning to spend the day running errands (since I have miraculously not been to the "big city" since my last round of blood work). We've decided not to tell the kids this month for two reasons. (1) I'm trusting that the results will be fine and there will be no need to unnecessarily worry them and (2) They had a very hard time last week while I was gone. Camden wandered around the house saying how lonely it was without me and Rory cried nearly every day and said "this reminds of what it might be like if I mommy dies." Bless their sweet, tender hearts.

A church group from Florida is coming to Tennessee to help out with an Easter outreach event, and we will have several people (that I've never met) staying with us over the next 4-5 days. I can't decide if that will be a distraction from waiting on test results or if it will just stress me out further. Since I know myself well, my guess is the latter. ;)

A little scrappy fun. Check out that little face back in 2010. Credits here.

Credits here.


Vicky said…
I love the calm and confidence your words exude today. I am with you- why sweat it today? And hopefully you will truly be distracted by your guests in such a good way... no stress- no worry. Thinking of you!
Hoping for the best news possible!!
I think of you oh so often. Praying for quick, happy news!

Your kiddos always melt my heart. They are precious.
Amy said…
Praying for good news!

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