What a Normal Week Looks Like

I was thinking of getting a head start on my Project Life pages for this week, and realized that it's been quite uneventful. But uneventful in a good way because my days have been filled with "normal" stuff: cooking meals, carpooling, marathon grocery run, lunch with a friend, taking a walk on the only weather-permitting day. All that, plus the house is cleaner than it's been in quite a while. I even took over homework duty, which has been particularly strenuous since Rory spent the week preparing for the 100th day of school. (Have you ever tried to help a kindergartner come up with and write 100 words or count out 100 M&M's?)

But it's been good. My mind feels clear, and despite the normal aches and pains (and very little sleep), I feel strong. I've enjoyed having a schedule and keeping up with normal duties. It's entirely possible that Brian might disagree about my assessment of these past few days because I'm pretty sure as I was cleaning sweeping/cleaning bathrooms/dusting for the second time already this week, I *might* have done some complaining about how I was tired of keeping this house clean, but when I look back at the week, it's all good.

Our weather this week has ranged from 73 and rainy (at 10 p.m. one night) to snow and 15 degrees (this morning). I don't have any pictures to share because gray and dreary doesn't really inspire anyone to pull out their camera, right?  

Or it's just entirely possible that I'm too lazy to upload what I did take.

But I have been scrapping older pictures with the new February BYOC from The Lilypad, which is predominantly pink. And I LOVE pink. The bright cheery colors were just what I needed after gloomy January days. Anyone else think that the month of January is possibly the longest month of the year?

(Okay, so this picture isn't old. And I'm planning to share the rest of these soon.)
012613_hello sunshine

But this picture is definitely old - all the way back from April 2010.

112912_love you


UHM... ADORABLE layouts! And man... I hear you on January being the longest month of the year. I also think that it's the month where my house is dirtiest. Post-holiday stuff mixed with inclement weather = ick.

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