Tuesday's Tidbits

Brian was voted Teacher of the Year at his school. Not surprised at all.

If you happen to be in the market for a cute weather app, I suggest Daily Weather. I downloaded it last week, and it's a fun change from my phone's default app.

I am not a Hallmark movie kind of girl. In fact, I couldn't tell you the last time I watched a Hallmark movie . . until last week, that is. I kind of randomly happened upon The Makeover, and I have to say that it was a fun way to pass a couple of hours.

Because I've had multiple emails asking me where I bought our living room rug, I purchased it from HomeGoods back in November.

Speaking of the house, I have now purchased 3 sets of curtains for the dining area and returned 3 sets of curtains. The 4th set is currently on its way to my house right now. They're black and white chevron and might just finally be the right choice.

I drank black coffee this morning. (Okay, it wasn't black because I added cream.) But there was no sugar, which makes it almost completely inedible. I am reluctantly attempting a sugar-free diet. Ick.

I played the piano at church on Sunday for the first time in almost a year, and I have to say that it felt good. 

On his way out the door yesterday morning, Camden hugged me and said, "I can't wait until I see you again this afternoon." He's currently going through a very good phase and showing a whole lot of maturity that is very rewarding as a parent to see. Of course, now that I've said that out loud, things will probably go downhill fast.

This boy reads, reads, and then reads some more. I've chosen a couple of book series that I read aloud to him. On this afternoon, I had a crazy headache, but we hadn't read for a couple of days so I told him he could read it to me instead. I love the crossed legs.

The hallway in front of the front door has become a favorite spot to take pictures because there is usually light streaming through.

I realize this is completely out of focus, but it cracks me up. I have one like this pretty much every time I sit down to snap a picture of the two kids together.

And a good example of what a little light can do. Camden was about one step behind Rory's position (in front of the back window) and his picture is kind of flat (also highlighting his new horrible haircut - that's what I get for taking him to Walmart). Rory was one step closer to the light with her body turned about 45 degrees toward the light, and her picture pops. Finding yourself some good light is the best thing you can do when snapping pictures indoors.


Renee T. said…
Yay for Brian!!!
Amy said…
Congratulations to Brian! Such an honor! Have you tried honey in your coffee? I've been using it to sweeten everything lately since it's so much better for you than sugar.
Congrats to Brian! I'm not surprised either... it sounds like he rocks his job!

Love the photos of the kiddos in the front hall. And the light, of course!

(I'm so going to have to try that honey tip Amy mentioned above... hmm...)
Karen said…
Congrats to Brian! I recently stopped putting sugar in my coffee, too. If it reassures you, that was only a couple o months ago and I ow hate it with sugar!

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