Tuesday's Tidbits

How is it that my children's bathroom seems to (a) never run out of toilet paper and (b) have the same bottle of soap and shampoo for 3 months? Something tells me they are not using either very regularly despite daily bathing.

Speaking of baths/showers, I have a question for those of you with girls. Camden was taking showers on his own at age 5. Rory still doesn't, mainly because after lots of lessons and trial runs, she still can't get her hair clean. (Camden's hair at age 5 was just a buzz so there was nothing to get clean really.) But Rory has very thick hair, and as we've been letting it grow, she just can't quite get her little fingers all the way through the way to scrub and then rinse. So after about 6 weeks of letting her do it on her own, I'm back to doing it all for her. Just curious as to what my expectations should be for a 6 and a half year old.

I made a truly southern meal for the first time for supper last night: ham and pinto beans. And they weren't half bad. Pretty sure the ham hock from a freshly butchered pig from a local farm helped out the flavor quite a bit.

 This post about taking your husband's picture completely cracked me up. I kind of love Cathy Zielske.

I cannot even tell you how much I love this kitchen. Love. If I were still in junior high, I'd love it so much I'd want to marry it.

If you have time to kill, this blog post on "easy chemo" is a good (and entertaining if you can believe a post on chemo is entertaining) read. Here's hoping I don't relate to it again for a very long time. It's posts like these that make me continue to read cancer blogs occasionally because unless you've been there done that, it's impossible to understand where I'm coming from, And occasionally it's just nice to have someone who shares your experiences to validate your feelings.

I feel like I have to confess that I made it 5 days on my sugar-free experiment before I caved and ate ice cream. New plan: still continuing with no sugar daily but allowing myself a treat on the weekend. And after a week, my coffee tastes no better sugar-free than it did the first day.

So I did take Rory to the doctor yesterday despite the fact that she woke up fever-free and bouncing off the walls. Dr. H doubled her steroid inhaler for a couple of weeks, and it seems as if asthma is becoming more of a regular thing instead of just flaring up when she has an upper respiratory infection.

Not gonna lie. This girl got a whole lot of attention in her boots, jeans, and sunglasses (which she refused to take off even indoors). Both Dr. H and his nurse proclaimed her the cutest thing they'd seen all day.

The sky was super blue against the clouds yesterday. And from what I hear, this might be the last sunshine we see for several days. (look at all those dead trees and brown grass - winter is SO ugly!)


Oh my goodness... those glasses are too much!

Our kiddos need to talk. Spencer uses way MORE shampoo and TP than is necessary. Maybe they could meet in the middle?!
Owlhaven said…
My 8yo still needs help washing her hair. She showers every day on her own, just wetting her hair. Then a couple times a week she takes a bath and I or one of her big sisters gives her hair a good scrub. My 10yo just recently took over her own hair washing completely. (They both have very curly hair. Pretty sure my daughters with straight hair were washing their own hair by age 8 or 9.)
Mary, momma to 10, including 2 from Korea and 4 from Ethiopia
Amanda said…
Well I am still mostly washing Hannah's hair LOL. She will occasionally do it but she has extremely oily hair like me and she can not get it good.

I also LOVE that kitchen. Had to pin it on pinterest. You and I have very similar taste in kitchens.
Renee T. said…
love those pink glasses :)

kimbelina said…
I'm still washing Leah's hair, despite her valiant attempts to do so herself. I seem to remember being about seven or eight before my mum let me wash and rinse my hair on my own.
Brian Lewis said…
I LOVE this kitchen!
Amy said…
Oh yes, I love that kitchen too, especially the island! Miss Hollywood and her glasses crack me up!
LOL Brian! Well I have letting Isabella do her own showers and hair since just before she was 6... Now does she always get all the soap out, um NO! do we make her get back in and redo it, sometimes! LOL
Do we claim to be great parents um NO (the reason she has a broken arm)....

Back on topic sometimes I will wash her hair in the kitchen sick with the sprayer like the salon, easier than the tub and she can still shower on her own!
Just checked out the kitchen and so need someone to help me "cute" up my kitchen (family room, platoon, office).... You get the idea!!!
kanda said…
My youngest insisted she was old enough to shower and wash her own hair, and I just stepped back and let her accept that responsibility. You'd think after 9 years of my washing her hair she would understand how hair is washed, but she was simply dumping shampoo on and rinsing it off -- not lathering or scratching her scalp. The result? Her hair looked increasingly greasy and tangly as the weeks passed, and then she picked up lice at school! Needless to say, she paid the price with intense 2x daily combing and shampooing for several weeks. Now she knows how to properly wash her hair! Having a hand-held shower attachment has helped her be able to rinse better. -- you might try that!

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