Super Bowl Sunday

I wish I could remember how many years we've had the Lewis/Lemons Super Bowl Sunday. I guess I could go pull up the old pictures, but that would take more effort than I'm willing to exert. At last year's party, Addison had just come home from the hospital and was all of 4 lbs. This year she's tipping the scales at 20 lbs!

Our celebration was a little different this year. Michael had to miss out because of the stomach flu. Addison is 13 months old, and on the go so Camden and Rory spent much of their time chasing her around. And because of the power outage, everyone left early. It was still a really fun time, and one of those traditions that the kids (and adults) look forward to every single year. Rory whispered in my ear mid-afternoon that "this is going to be the best day ever."We're not Ravens or 49ers fans so the party was more about good snacks and spending an evening together (although Brian was rooting against Ray Lewis).

[Sidenote: We DVR'd the game so that we could fast forward through the inappropriate commercials as well as the half-time show because I am positive that my 9 year old son did not need to see a half-naked Beyonce jiggling her way around the stage, and we all know that by tomorrow Rory would have had that routine down pat. We may do alot of things wrong as parents, but we are seriously committed to shielding our children from unnecessary inappropriate entertainment like Go Daddy or Budlight commercials as well as music that was never intended for children. I have seen dozens of parents all over Facebook lamenting the inappropriate commercials, etc. Newsflash. You're in charge of what your children see, and I'm fairly certain you had at least an inkling that many commercials/half-time show would not be good for your kids. Stepping off my parenting soapbox now.]

Rory spent the day decorating herself for the big game. Over the last couple of weeks, one of the first things she does when she gets home from school (or church on Sunday) is to change into this t-shirt (Camden's old kindergarten shirt) and then "fix" her hair on her own by using every headband/bow available.

1:29 p.m.

4:08 p.m.

Even her feet got in on the fancy.

Brian tried to cement his place as favorite Uncle by letting her drink out of his cup. (This girl blew kisses for the very first time last night, by the way. So cute.)

And that's pretty much the extent of the pictures. I didn't pull out the camera, just my iphone and after Rory literally choked on an entire meatball while I was trying to snap a picture of the 3 kids together, I just put the phone up. ;)

072612_extra special daytdd


I love that you have this tradition! I totally agree that Rory would have been shaking it like Beyonce if she had seen that show. My kids are so un-used to seeing commercials at all that the few they did see (luckily nothing too innappropriate) simply confused them.
Thank you for your comments about inappropriate television content. So many people see it as harmless; it's not.
This tradition sounds like such a blast! And smart idea on fast forwarding through the commercials!

Love Rory's progression here. Totally made my morning!

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