Happy Valentine's Day

After spending 4 out of the last 5 days home alone with a sick girl (which is ALOT of alone time), I've kind of allowed myself to feel a little down and out. Silly since I have nothing to be discouraged about. Missing Camden's first concert (Winter Jam), church, lunch with friends, and then a fun Valentine's Day event are really nothing. And I totally mean that. I wouldn't have meant it yesterday, but today things are feeling a little more in perspective.

I heard someone say recently (I think it might have been Kelly  Ripa - don't judge!) that Valentine's Day wasn't really about romantic love for them anymore, but about showing love to their family and so I decided to go that route this year. I got up early and made heart-shaped red velvet pancakes with homemade buttermilk syrup. Oh. My. Stars. So good! I told Brian ahead of time so he could plan to be home for breakfast (although he ended up having to help me get it all on the table on time). And the kids don't know that they have strawberries, cheese, and meat cut into heart shapes in their lunch today, and I'm planning to make pizza with heart-shaped pepperoni for supper. Still trying to decide if I'm going to follow through with the heart-shaped brownies for dessert. ;)

That is a whole lot of heart-shaped things coming out of my kitchen!

I had grand plans of doing something homemade for their Valentine's this year especially now that Rory is in school. Camden was never too big on a cute picture/handmade but Rory would have loved it. Unfortunately, V-Day came much more quickly than I was anticipating so I'll have to be satisfied with sending them to school with store Valentines. At least all their own treats at home are homemade!

Camden's class is having a contest for the most creative hand-made Valentine's Day box. He was insistent on making it out of Legos and has spent HOURS working on this box in the last week. I think he did a pretty great job.

ETA: Hop over to the Persnickety Prints blog to pick up a free, super-cute kit from The Lilypad designers. You can bet I'll be using this for this week's Project life layout.


Vicky said…
Sheesh- where have I been? Ahh yes, trapped in snow removal he** and taking care of a sick hubby... can't wait to show youngest Camden's cool v-day box- wow! Very creative and impressive! We were so behind this week, we were still making the box at 930 last night :)
I'm super impressed with Camden's Lego box!! And your kitchen adventures! Good job, mama!
Renee T. said…
Happy Valentine's Day, Lewis family :)
Monica said…
Oh my word! I know two little boys who would proclaim Camden's box the most incredible valentine's box in the world!
Krista said…
Happy Valentines Day! Lots of love in your house!!
Amy said…
Whoa! That is one super cool valentine box! Way to go, Camden! Love all of your heart shaped food. You are such a fun mama! Hope Rory will be better soon. You need a mama's day out by yourself!
OK... I am BLOWN AWAY by that Valentine's Box!!! Amazing!

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