Tuesday's Tidbits

Oh, Downton Abbey, how could you? Without mentioning specific spoilers in case you're one of the few people left in the world not watching, I knew that a certain character wasn't returning to the show so I watched with bated breath over the last few episodes waiting for disaster. And the season finale certainly brought disaster. When I saw the car racing towards home in the last few seconds, I knew what was coming. And what it brought to mind is that we're always *this* close to disaster (picture my fingers pinched together) at any given moment and maybe we should be a little more grateful each day we're together with our friends and family.

Camden at supper the other night: "I dread the day when I'm old enough to drive because that means I can't read in the car anymore." Something tells me his tune is going to change as he gets a little closer to driving age.

Ever since Rory's Pooh-rific weekend, "Oh, bother" has became her favorite phrase and it. is. hilarious. Especially since it's a little more like "Oh, bothah!"

We try to occasionally take the kids out on little "dates." Mostly that just means time with us minus a sibling. Camden is always so sweet and tells us thank you approximately 100 times. Rory, who on a day-to-day basis is probably a little more grateful, turns into an obnoxious demanding diva on these dates. Wish I were kidding.

Rory's ear piercing was yesterday was a rousing success. She first chose the glitzy Hello Kitty earrings, and when the attendant told us she was too young to do a non-14 carat gold earring, Rory immediately went to the largest cubic zirconia available. Of course. After I vetoed that one (since it was approximately the size of her ear lobe), she went with the September birthstone - sapphire. She went from being the happiest girl in the store to the saddest in a flash when they pierced her ear, but there was only a minimum of crying and she was back to the happiest girl around in 3 minutes flat.

I have a video of her getting them pierced, but I'll spare you the tears. Here she is shopping/hanging out.


And only one fast picture with the real camera (because this was right before the rain hit). The hair behind one shoulder was all her idea, and can I just say that she is growing up MUCH too quickly. Notice the little bling in her ears. Not only was it starting to rain, but my camera battery died so no bling close-up.


These photos are just too much! She is growing up way too quick ... and looking like quite the model doing it!
Amy said…
So count me in as one of the few people not watching Downton. But I am planning to one of these days! :)
Renee T. said…
my gosh---she looks so grown up with the hair pulled behind one ear! She is beautiful:)

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