Tuesday's Tidbits

Camden: When I grow up, I hope I get to work with animals.
Rory: You mean like a vegetarian?

Am I jinxing myself by admitting that I feel better physically than I have since last July when I had to restart chemo? It's kind of amazing how I have felt progressively better over the last few weeks.

Rory: When I turn 7, I am going to WILD.

We've reinstated Friday as game night in 2013, and Camden is hilarious (or infuriating depending on how you look at it) as he spends most of the time making sure the cards on kept in a perfectly neat pile.

Over the last 2 years, my TV viewing has definitely veared more toward the lighter side. Reality TV, comedies, etc. And I find myself not being interested at all in romantic dramas or comedies where perfect people have perfect endings. My most recent TV show (I've somehow managed to watch the entire season in the last 2 weeks) is Guys With Kids on NBC. Pretty family friendly and makes me laugh.

Camden and Rory have fallen into the very bad habit of trying to finish my sentences, usually when I'm giving instructions or reprimanding one of them. Drives. Me. Insane. 

I'm still waiting for results from Dr. W's office. Despite leaving a message this morning (and that tomorrow marks a full week since the test), I haven't heard a word. Good thing I had a little shopping plus lunch with friends to keep my mind off those results. All the calm I've felt for the past week seems to have disappeared for the moment.

And last week's Project Life I never posted. Doing my best to make sure Brian and I are represented each week even though they're not always great pics.





X said…
Oh how I love when my sentences are completed by jake. Yes. Insane

I'm praying your peace returns. I'm hoping the doc gives the good news tomorrow and that you've been feeling good is because its now time to heal. Praying praying praying!!
X said…
Love your PL!

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