Growing Up

So I wrote about this in last week's Project Life (which I just realized I have not posted here yet), but Camden has been showing some serious signs of growing up. All good, good things. I'm talking apologizing without prompting when he is rude, taking responsibility for his own actions, helping out when I haven't asked him to, keeping his room clean, controlling his temper (something he has struggled with since age 2). In general making us feel like this whole parenting gig might be worth all the hard work after all.

And then came this: a completely unprompted hug for his sister. Bonus? The camera was out and snapping pics. Usually it's Rory who is going in for the hugs and kisses (with a whole lot of resistance from big brother), but this time it was all Camden.

(and, why, yes, I *did* use our shutters to frame them in perfectly, thankyouverymuch)


I told you there was one in every shoot. It's her interpretation of my "you can be silly if you want."DSC_9637

So not only did I have my camera out and snapping away during this moment, but it was my last little shoot with my 70-200 lens since I sold it last week. Not gonna lie. I came very close to just putting "return to sender" on the check that arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I am very, very sure that I will never own anything so nice again in my lifetime, but it's good to make grown-up decisions sometimes.



Rory looks so thrilled with the impromptu hug from Camden!
Monica said…
They're all great, but I love the pic of them sticking out their tongue!
Amy said…
Thanks for the reminder that all of this hard work will pay off eventually. Sometimes its hard to keep the big picture in mind, especially with the nonstop tantrums!
Please tell me one of these is getting framed?! And... is it wrong that I am mourning the selling of your big lens?!

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