Gone, Baby, Gone

Your regularly scheduled Tuesday Tidbits are interrupted to bring you news of a big event: Rory lost her first tooth. As in, it was loose and then popped right out in less than 12 hours. I might have cried. She is growing up WAY too fast.

I am quite positive that there has never been a girl so excited to lose a tooth. She talked and talked and talked about it. And then talked some more. As soon as our company left last night, she rushed up to her room to change into p.j.'s, brushed her teeth and asked if she could go to bed. The tooth fairy made 4 attempts, but Rory kept waking up. Finally at 3:00 this morning (when I was still awake - ugh), the tooth fairy was successful. She must have been pretty sleep because she hasn't asked why I was in her room so often last night. ;)




We're headed out of town to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Illinois. Wish us luck. We haven't unearthed the portable DVD players yet so we're traveling old school - only books and art supplies to keep the kids busy. For 9 hours. One way.


Mayme said…
Congratulations Rory!
Congratulations Rory! That's a big deal! (I love her in pigtails BTW) Good luck with the car ride. That's a long time. One way.
Renee T. said…
love that sweet voice :) She is a beauty :)
Unknown said…
What a cute smile!
Amy said…
Congratulations, Rory! I didn't think she could look any more adorable, but with a missing tooth...oh my goodness!
Isaac losing his first tooth was pretty (unexpectedly!) emotional for me too! She looks good without her tooth. And thank goodness for the persistence of the tooth fairy!

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