High Pigtails

Rory and I are headed back to the pediatrician's office this morning to do a pneumonia re-check for her. I'll be surprised if he clears us since she is still coughing her little head off, but here's hoping for good news.

We're having friends over for a casual dinner tonight. I was planning to make vegetable beef soup and this monster cookie dough dip for dessert, but I still don't have a soup recipe. Everyone keeps telling me just throw it all together in a pot, but things do not generally end well for me in the kitchen when I just dump things together. Here's hoping I'll find a recipe between now and tonight.

After-school pics.


And Rory asked for "high pigtails because they make me happy, mama." They kind of make me happy too.


Amy said…
Hope Rory gets a good report from the dr today! Here is a recipe for soup that is generally how I make mine: http://moneysavingmom.com/2011/01/hamburger-vegetable-soup-recipe.html. Sometimes I just use frozen vegetables to make it simple though. Dumping things doesn't generally end well for me either but with veg soup I don't really know what else you do. The key is the herbs/seasonings, using broth, and letting it simmer a long time so it has lots of flavor. Hope it turns out delicious!!
And then they get opinionated! Isabella has definite choices on hair and clothes! I can't wait to hear about the dip!
How did the cookie dip turn out? Yummy? How did you serve it? With spoons, with pretzels or crackers?
Rory is absolutely adorable with those piggies!

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