Wordless Wednesday

Rory has been learning all about Indians and Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving at school. I remember when Camden learned this story and came home to talk about it. Rory's take on it was that the white people killed all the Indians. Interestingly enough, both kids pointed out that they weren't white so it wasn't their fault. ;)





Norman said…
Sweet! Hilarious!
Where's the empty space where Rory's tooth was? Enjoy Thanksgiving!
HA! We got a note from school saying that Spencer's take on the Thanksgiving story was "And what about Korea?! How do they fit in here?!" Talk about stopping storytime in it's tracks! ;-)
I love this story!!!
Monica said…
LOL! I hope she knows they didn't kill ALL the Indians!
Beth B. said…
That is hilarious!!

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