Playin' Hooky

After driving an hour to Nashville for Rory's doctor's appointment, waiting an hour in the waiting room, finding out Rory is A-Okay, we decided to play hooky for the rest of the day. Because, let's face it: getting to school at 11:00 in kindergarten means all you get to do is take a nap. ;) We did some grocery shopping, hit up World Market, ate lunch at McDonalds (her choice, of course), then came home to do some cooking and cleaning. I have to say that it was a delightful day. When you're a stay-at-home mom, I think it's easy to take the days when the kiddos are little and home all day with you for granted. At least I did. And I'm not going to pretend that it's not easier to grocery shop and do all the day-to-day activities without little ones underfoot, but yesterday reminded of all the good things about having your kiddos around for the everyday activities.

And because I had just listened to The Digi Show podcast on taking pictures of yourself, we slapped on some lipstick, set up the timer, stacked up a ton of books, magazines, and even a Frisbee to get just the right camera height, and took a picture of me and my girl. (You do not even want to know how many pictures I discarded.)

Okay, this was before the lipstick.

After the lipstick.

And because she is all kinds of cute, here are a few I snapped of her alone.


At the risk of cuteness overload, here are 2 singing videos. This girl LOVES to sing. Two things: (a) turn down the volume because she is loud, and (b) she said she finished the song the way "real songs go."

And notice she does not know the words. At all.


VinGirl said…
Love these pictures! It looks and sounds like that was just the day you both needed. :)
Danyelle said…
Oh my stars! Her singing is just too precious. I think my smile might just be permanently plastered to my face.
Amy said…
Sounds like such a fun day! Love the pictures and those 2 videos...oh my! Tell Miss Rory thanks for putting such a big smile on my face!
She is just tooooooo cute! Love her singing!

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