Snapshot #3

Outside my window: a very bare tree - all the leaves have fallen since I took the picture of it on Sunday.

I am thinking: that I could use a new pair of shoes, surprisingly enough!

I am thankful for: the ability to travel home to Illinois for Thanksgiving next week.

I am wearing: Express jeans, b/w flowy shirt with a Gap black cardigan.

Last 3 purchases: this TooFaced eye shadow kit, groceries, a pair of "comfy" pants for Rory that don't fit.

Dinner plans: Leftover Cheddar Chicken and Rice Soup
Future plans I'm looking forward to: having a week off chemo, Thanksgiving - and how great that those two events coincide. ;)

Kid funny: When the kids are fighting/arguing/being unkind to each other, I've been making them look at each other and call each other Beautiful Boy and Gorgeous Girl. Makes them laugh and get over their fight every time.

In the kitchen: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins for breakfast

On my desk: lots and lots of bills and house improvement receipts.

On my frequent playlist: I actually broke out the David Crowder Band's Christmas CD yesterday.

Snacking on: fall colored peanut M&M's; having such a hard time resisting these - pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and the chocolate melts inside. Irresistible.

Rest-of-the-day-plans: Drop kids off at school, drive to Nashville, grab a few groceries at Trader Joe's, meet Camden's class at the Nashville Children's Theater, then on to Dr. W's office for chemo (next week is my off week so hurray for that!).

An old instagram photo that never made it onto the blog (you can tell it's old by his freshly cut hair). While it occasionally drives me nuts, mostly I like it that he still cuddles up in the morning with his blanket and stuffed animal.

Rory's last soccer game of the season (the day after we moved), and it was frigid outside. She had one leggings, knee socks, shorts, three shirts, her hoodie sweatshirt and was still cold.

And the kids' first weekly picture at the new house (from Oct. 30).


Norman said…
Busy day! How handsome Camden is! And Rory so sweet and cute! Enjoy your trip to IL. Sorry we can't be there this year, but Dennis's and us will be at Larry and Karen's.
A wonderul Thanksgiving to all....
X said…
Wishing you all a very happy thanksgiving. Great first photo of the kids - beautiful kids - in your new house. Welcome home. May you have many long years of memories and some that include Camden with his blankie! I think it's sweet he's still got lotsa 'babe' in him. Enjoy your celebration. Aaaand happy birthday again :) hugs
Glad to hear you get some "time off" from chemo. Hope you are doing well.
I love the Two Faced Leopard pink bronzer ! My fav
The pix of the kids are too cute ! The muffins sound great and we are playing christmas music all the time. Have a great week.
Amy said…
Love that you make them look at each other and say that! Genius! I'm also reading The 6 Ways book. It's really good. Probably a little premature for me but saw it at the library and decided to check it out. Definitely will be reading it again in a few years!
I love these little snapshot posts! And I love that photo of the kiddos in front of the new house! EEK.

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