iPhone catch-up

Still not managing to find time to do much blogging or picture-taking, but here are a few iPhone pictures to get you somewhat up to date. (For all you people who somehow manage to capture beautifully clear pictures with your phones? I need some lessons.)

Love it when they love on each other.

Rory's ready to help move (as we packed up their old room).

Only the beginning of all the boxes on moving day (I don't dare show you a shot of our garage).

My new ceramic owls.

My little helper. I wonder when dusting will no longer be fun?

We had a little visitor over the weekend.

Another owl. This one on my front doorstep.

A piece of furniture I'm desperately coveting. Considering the price tag, not gonna happen.

And another one. Who knew beat-up furniture was so expensive!

A blurry picture of our new furniture and rug. It's a little dull right now, but I have high hopes of it looking great once I add in lots of color via pillows, throws, and wall decor. This room set-up is also going to change. And these are our old pillows - they will be disappearing soon.

Saturday was Digital Scrapping Day, and I am very sorry to have missed out on it. I did throw this page together Sunday morning. One of these days soon I'm going to close the door on all the boxes and spend some time scrapping. Credits here.


Ann Kelle said…
Hope you get settled soon. Where did you find those tables? I'm always on the hunt for new places to thrift/antique:)
Kaleigh said…
LOVE those ceramic owls. Where did you find them?
sandy atwood said…
LOVE the furniture and the rug - I'm searching now for sofas and changing things up. They (whoever they is) say it's best to go neutral (ie, dull) on the sofa and dress it up with accessories. It's looking great - so happy for ya'll!
I am loving loving loving the sneak peeks of the house!

And, FWIW... I use ProCamera to take photos. I like it better than the app!
(I mean the Iphone Camera app... ProCamera is better in my opinion.
Amy said…
Love seeing a little peek into your house! Those owls look awesome with your canvas. Hope you are beginning to feel more settled!

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