A New Beginning

The first of the month always feels like a bit of a fresh start, but this month in particular. Not only are we living in a new house, but we bought new furniture (hurray!!) that is being delivered tomorrow. I started off the month with chemo, and this month begins my favorite holiday seasons: Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are my favorite because they just scream family togetherness, and I adore my family.

I'm on the hunt for a beautiful 8x10 area rug for the living room. The colors in my house are gray (and I'm using teal and orange accents - does that sound weird? I promise it's not.); I'm looking for very muted tons in the rugs because the pops of color are going to come from the pillows and wall accents. Ideas? I'm finding that the perfect rug is hard to find. Oh, and it can't cost $$$. I recently read an article that said you should pay as much for your rug as your sofa. Not. Gonna. Happen.

I haven't had the camera out much, but I have snapped a few pictures. I'll pull out iphone pictures soon. And don't expect any house decorating pictures just yet. Packing boxes has taken all our energy so far!

As if she could get any cuter . . . then she goes and does.

Rory was Rapunzel for Halloween. Her favorite movie is Tangled (she's finally switched from calling it Tangles LOL). She begged for the wig, and then decided she was terrified of it after it arrived. I bribed her with make-up, and my mom braided it for her.


And then I pulled out the big guns - temporary eyeliner tattoos. She thought she was stylin'. Brian hated them. ;)

Camden decided last minute he wanted to be Harry Potter so we combined a couple of capes, added a lightning scar, pulled out a twig from the backyard for a wand, kept his own messy black hair and glasses and voila.


And our first family picture at the new house!

Hoping to get back to a regular blogging schedule soon. I've missed reading your blogs, commenting on them, reading your comments, etc. Feels like I've missed out on friends, and isn't that just an amazing thing about an online community?

By the way, my CA125 was an 8 this week (up from 7 last month, but the doctor said that 1 point is not a gain so we'll take it!).


Glad you are on your way to getting settled on your new home. Love the kids costumes.
This too is my fav time if year .., its the most wonderful time of the year for so many reasons. Hope you are feeling as good as u can right now , don't over do it !
Best wishes !
Joan B said…
you might want to check out Shades of Light for rugs. I've pinned this place (we move to a new home in a few months). Haven't purchased from them, but love the rugs and the prices. http://www.shadesoflight.com/rugs/

It was good to see a new post from you and hear that things might be getting back to normal...whatever that is for any of us! I laughed out loud at the idea of Rory being afraid of the wig-I thought she was fearless! I hope you find the rug...one of the hardest purchases, in my opinion.
Jenn T. said…
I used overstock.com to purchase my family room rug & I'm pleased with it. It was under $100 and they had so many to choose from.
Mayme said…
I can't even understand why Brian wouldn't like the eyeliner! What father wouldn't love it:)
Jenny Sue said…
Southeastern Salvage near 100 Oaks has some great deals on high end rugs and then cheaper rugs as well. Congrats on the new house!
Jenny Sue said…
Southeastern Salvage near 100 Oaks has some great deals on high end rugs and then cheaper rugs as well. Congrats on the new house!
So much awesome in this post... your CA125 number, your new house, the kiddos in their costumes... Love it all! (Also love that photo of A) And, I'm with you... it's the most wonderful time of the year!

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