My birthday snuck up on me this year. We've been a bit preoccupied with moving, and, you know, MOVING (isn't moving significant enough to be in all caps?), so Saturday night when I realized that Monday was my birthday, I decided to set aside my plans to spend the day cleaning and instead stop by the cute little coffee shop near our house, order a big mocha, and spend the day at my desk scrapping. Since we've moved (and the weeks prior to moving) I've found little time for photography or scrapping, and I'm missing it. While there are many, many things still to be done around here, they're going to wait for at least a day. I used to love birthdays, and it's not that I don't still enjoy having a day with an excuse to take it easy on myself, but 37 seems so old! When did this happen? Sometimes I feel like I blinked and overnight became not a girl but a woman with a husband of 15 years, 2 kids who are no longer little, and a homeowner.

We didn't even mention to the kids until last night that it was my birthday, and I'm feeling kind of bad about that. They get so much joy out of planning little surprises, and we should have given them more warning and let them do it. On the way home from church last night, Rory told Brian she was going to let him do the "funnest part - shopping!" Camden immediately started planning out where we should have dinner.

My new hair. So short, but I'm liking it.
New hair. Shortest style yet. #motography2012hello

After school Friday - they had a Veteran's Day parade at school.

You know those trees with leaves so vibrant it looks unreal? Yep, I have one in my front yard. (my one and only tree)


Renee T. said…
Happy, Happy B-day! That tree is fantastic--love the gorgeous color :)
Karen said…
You make 37 look fabulous! Happy happy happy birthday! I am glad you are asking a day to enjoy yourself. It sounds lovely!
Vicky said…
The new short do is really flattering- I'm sort of caught up in the ease of short hair myself- although it was cold at the rink this weekend :)

Happy, Happy 37th! The house looks fab and love the owls!
Amy said…
Happy Birthday to you, my sweet friend! It sounds like you are spending it the best way! I really love your new do. I also got a shorter cut last week but not brave enough to post a picture yet! :)
Cheryl said…
Happy Birthday! You definitely look much younger than 37. And your hair looks great.
Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

And, as a fellow 37-year-old... I think 37 is just the beginning of the good times!

And... You look gorgeous!
Joanna B said…
Happy Birthday!! Firstly, 37 is by no means old...it's like the new 25, I keep telling myself.
And secondly, you look a-mah-zing!
Happy Birthday--I am so jealous of that gorgeous tree!

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