Just Keeping It Real

I should have known when I woke up in the middle of the night with my ipad still in bed, earplugs in, cord wrapped around my neck that the day was going to be off to a rough start. My platelets were 108 (down from 358) last week so that probably explains my heavy sleeping.

Proceeding to vomit when I did get up confirmed the rough start. I'm one of those wierdos who need food in my stomach in order to not vomit. I know; it's strange. And if you pop a pain pill on top of that? Well, then I better settle in to the couch for a solid 90 minutes while it takes effect, or it's going to come right back up if you know what I mean.

We sat down to breakfast (homemade muffins so score for me on that topic anyway), and the kids very solemnly informed me that they'd decided Rory would like a baby sister and Camden would like a brother (but not necessarily a baby brother). It caught me off guard, and I dissolved into tears because while there were never any solid plans, adopting a third baby when we got moved to Texas was always in the back of my mind. And we know there's no country gonna let this broke-down body adopt a baby! I told them that there would be no more siblings, which was why it was so important to love each other in the best way possible. They proceeded to fight all the way up the stairs.

I feel like I should admit out loud that unpacking has come to slow stop, starting when my mom flew the nest last week. Poor Brian has been thrown head first into home repairs since we moved three weeks ago. Not only did we not have a working upstairs bathroom for 2 weeks (and he spent HOURS and HOURS) with that nasty toilet, but the very night he fixed the toilet, the dishwasher came unhooked from the cabinet/wall. Last night he worked until 8:30 on a leak in the brand-new fridge (which he could not fix) but did get dishwasher going again . . . just in time to completely dissemble the vacuum cleaner that is not working.

I did not shower or get cleaned up this morning when we left to go to school, but pulled on one of my old chemo hats. Rory informed me, "mama, you look like one of those dudes who's going to ask 'what's up?'" I considered taking a picture, but decided it was too early in the morning to subject my readers to that.

On the upside, Camden enjoyed his field trip yesterday, and, surprisingly, was thrilled for me to be there. He didn't even ask for me to sit in the back, but ran up to me and kept his arm around me as we were ushered into the building. You never know when you're talking about a 9 year old surrounded by friends. The production was You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and while we LOVE to go to the Nashville Children's Theater, I have to say this was my least favorite production by far. I could not get past the middle-aged men playing Charlie Brown and Linus. Their hairy legs and knobby old-man knees in high  water shorts, as well as a middle-aged man aggressively sucking his thumb kind of ruined it. Not to mention that because they were playing children, most of the music was slightly off-key, and my ears cannot stand to hear off-key music! You can thank 13 years of piano lessons and my mother for that.

field trip

And let's end on a high note because while I'm not complaining (I promise!), I am feeling a little down this morning. Maybe I should go torture myself with an episode of Parenthood. ;)

I am not a SNL fan, but I do kind of love Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, and this sketch made me laugh.

I can't figure out how to embed it, so click here.


Vicky said…
I am just shaking my head and nodding - completely relating to so much of what you write. I'm thinking I'll go and see if Parenthood is on my dvr too- torture- stinks that I get you on that one too :)
Karen said…
Big hugs to you... I had my eye on a boy in Vietnam when I got my diagnosis. You adjust, but it doesn't feel good or right. So glad Camden was happy to have you at the pay! I cherish those moments!
Amy said…
So sorry about the rough morning. Hope this weekend is much better! Wish I could give you a big hug!
I'm sorry for the rough morning... I'm hoping today has been better!

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