Tuesday Tidbits - Vacation Edition

One good thing about having to share a hotel room with your 8 and 5 year old is that you get to watch them sleep and see all their little idiosyncrasies. Like Rory who finally falls asleep, towel tucked up against her lips, and then as soon as she's asleep, kicks off the covers. Every night. And Camden who curls up halfway down the bed, pillow over his head, flipping and flopping until he finally falls asleep. The pillow thing is kind of good because he grinds his teeth all night and the pillow muffles the sound a bit. ;)

Our last night in the hotel, I got up no less than FOUR times to re-arrange the kiddos in their bed. At one point, Camden was laying completely horizontal on the bed while Rory was kicking away. Another time, Camden rolled over, punched Rory in the face and then stayed laying with his arm across her face. Neither one woke up - just me.

On vacation (and in 105 degree Oklahoma and Texas weather) it's perfectly okay to have ice cream nearly every day.

Apparently two coats of sunblock just aren't nearly enough for the Texas sun. The kids and I spent 4 hours in the hotel pool Thursday (and Friday and Saturday), and while they came away with perfect tan lines (even browner than usual), I came away looking like a lobster (and am already peeling).

We actually bought living room furniture while in Oklahoma and then changed our mind a few hours later.

I have calculated that we spent approximately 35 hours traveling in the car over the last 11 days. That is alot of close and personal family time.

We arrived home last evening (after a 12 hour drive) to find that our internet and cable were out. I felt like a drug addict without drugs. I was close to having the shakes by the time it was fixed this afternoon.

You can expect a whole barrage of posts complete with pictures over the next several days. I should probably apologize in advance, but no one's making you read. ;) As Becky put it, there were almost too many good memories to count. We are blessed to have such good family and friends.

And because my mom is in desperate need of pictures, here are a few from our first day in Oklahoma.

Our first morning in Oklahoma, the 3 boys were up at the crack of dawn (of course) and Brian, who was also up at the crack of dawn (of course) sent them outside so they wouldn't wake anyone. Camden was reading to William and Xavier.

Aunt Becky and Rory - the adults were enjoying an afternoon coffee while the boys played the Wii.


And, yes, I totally let her have her own cup of coffee. It's vacation, what can I say!

Because it was so hot outside, the kids couldn't really play. Well, not unless you let them play in water with popsicles for dessert at 8:30 at night.






And this is one of the boys looking inside - once they realized Brian and Micah were playing the Wii, they wanted nothing to do with outside and popsicles.


Joy said…
What fun!!

My two are the same way at night. They punch, kick, flip ... and I am the one rearranging them while they snooze!

I hear ya on the TV and Internet!! We are still waiting on installation for both and about to go crazy!!
There are some great tidbits in here! I can't believe the heat you guys had... wow! I'll stop complaining about the low 90s now! (And you are a brave soul for letting Rory consume coffee!

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