June 29 - Texas Rangers

After another day at the pool with the kids, Collette and Leah while Brian worked hard, we cleaned up and left for Arlington, TX, where the Texas Rangers play. Now, everything I know about baseball comes from having Camden in Little League for the past 4 years. So basically, nothing.

We've never been to a major sporting event and it was alot of fun. Kind of hard not to be caught up in the fun when 46,013 (that is the literal number of people attending the game) are screaming around you. Apparently the Texas Rangers are a big deal? We thought we'd be in the sun for the first hour, but managed to have tickets just into the shade, which was a blessing. Not sure I would have survived an entire baseball game in the sun, especially since we literally walked for 30 minutes to get to our seats.

We thought it would be one of Camden's favorite things about our whole trip. Unfortunately, 8 days of a whole lot of fun, but little sleep finally caught up to him, and he was kind of in a daze the whole time. Right up until the 8th inning when the Rangers scored 4 runs in a row in dramatic fashion and won the game.  Along with the other 46,013 fans and about as many crickets (they were everywhere!), we stayed for the major firework show. It was amazing, and so fun to hear the crowd singing along to the tunes. As we walked out, the whole place erupted into cheers as 46,013 people streamed out of the building. I've got to say that it was more fun than I was anticipating a baseball game to be.

We didn't make it back to our hotel until midnight, so another late night, but worth it.

On the way to the game.


Check out the sweat. It was SO hot.

There was no wiggle room so I couldn't get both of them in focus at once.

And Camden's turn to be in focus.

We were SO high up in the air that you almost couldn't even see the ball as it flew around the field.

Brian tried his best to get both kids in the picture at once. Once again, little wiggle room and they were so over it.

A picture of me and Collette from her phone.
And 2 videos. The first when we won and the second when Rory got a glimpse of the Ranger's mascot. All the way down on the field, and she was still in tears.

I was slightly more excited than I look in this video.


OMG is it wrong of me to say I LOVE the video of Rory crying over the mascot! That is my Isabella over fireworks...she was in tears on the way to the fireworks stand to buy them and had to be held thru-out the shopping (she is 6.5)... poor thing!
I LOVE going to baseball games... But I think it has a lot to do with the food?!? ;)

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