Sunday Snapshot

Water fight with cousins 2 weeks ago while we visited in Oklahoma. It was so hot that we had to wait until after 8:00, which means less light, but I kind of love how this turned out. I love how much fun Camden is having, the bits of torn balloons floating around. Stay tuned for a whole lot more pictures from this evening! :)

Taken with my 70-200 lens, f2.8, 1/400SS, ISO 500.

Ni Hao Yall


Kate said…
Summer at it's best! Love it!!
So much fun! Camden's totally bracing for that balloon!
Vicky said…
oh my goodness- that is a great capture! Look how tan the kiddos are- now you know there is some serious summer love happening :)
We love a good water balloon fight in this family:)

Have a wonderful week~


Stefanie said…
Such a fun, crisp shot! Nothing like water balloons to make a smoking hot day a whole lot more fun :)

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