I've become a little obsessed with headbands for my short hair, but I kept thinking that they were too young for me. I mean, my 5 year old wears them so why should I? Anyway, when I found out my hair was possibly going to fall out, I decided that it was now or never. I've bought 3 (and worn all 3) so far, and I want more although it might be overkill to wear them every day. ;) If you know of any Etsy shops that sell adult-appropriate headbands, link me up. Natty Bratty is my favorite so far.

Hello, ginormous head.


And I may not have had TV, Internet, or cable for 4 days, but my computer still worked so I did some scrapping. I don't often re-use kits or templates, but you can see in this group that I used the same template twice and the same kit twice. They seemed to fit, and the pages are using pictures from different years so it's not like they'll be in a book side by side.

Valorie Wibbens: The Little Things

Valorie Wibbens: The Little Things

Karah Fredricks: Alive and Kickin'

Karah Fredricks: Alive and Kickin'

Kaye Winiecki/Studio Basic: Sun Kissed

My favorite, mostly because I love the pictures so much.
One Little Bird Designs: Scenes from Real Life

Brian and I may have had a slow start to our time without kids, but these last 3 days before picking them up have been very busy with unexpected meetings, work days, etc. We had big plans of doing lots of furniture window shopping, eating at food trucks, etc. Unfortunately, most of those plans have not happened, but we did get to see The Dark Knight Rises last night. I have to admit that while I wasn't expected to be creeped out, I most definitely was. I found myself wondering at what point in the film did the shooter start his rampage, realizing how dark the movie actually is (although it is violent, there was very little blood or gore and ultimately it was a fight of good vs. evil and good won). Definitely found myself uncomfortable during most of the movie. And there was a small child, maybe age 4-5, in the theater which I thought was completely inappropriate, but I'm not his parent. ;)


Anonymous said…
came across this site
the headband is gorgeous on you!
Beth B. said…
The headband looks gorgeous on you!!
Alex said…
You totally rock the headbands! They look really cute on you!
KrisJ said…
LOVE the headband!! And I agree I am glad my boys already saw the movie because I dont think I can handle watching it now.

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