Election Day

I am so happy that today is election day and this whole thing will be over! I completely enjoyed the debating and all that comes with a presidential election for several months, but now I'm tired of it! Brian and I both voted a couple of weeks ago, so we have a free day.

They close the schools in Tennessee for election day so Brian is off today. Brian is going to take Camden out for breakfast and then fishing. I'm taking Rory to the doctor for an immunization she missed at her 2 year appointment. Clearly I'm an idiot because I made it for first thing this morning so I didn't get to sleep in while Brian is home!

Camden, Rory, and I grocery shopped yesterday, and then Camden played outside for several hours. We've had beautiful (warm) weather this last several days. He also had a major attitude adjustment last night (as in we adjusted it for him, and his throat is sore and he's hoarse from all the screaming). He sure knows how to throw a fit. Wonder when he'll grow out of it - I certainly thought they wouldn't still be here at 5.5!

Funny story! We've been talking to Camden alot in the last several months about the fact that God makes everyone different, but that we're all special. Because of Rory's leg and Emma's hands and feet especially, we've tried to make sure he understands. At the store on Saturday, there were several mentally handicapped people who tried to talk to Camden and he couldn't understand them and told Brian that they talked funny. Brian explained that God had made them special and that they have trouble talking clearly sometimes. Well, fast forward to yesterday and we were in Wal-Mart and there was a Hispanic family speaking Spanish. Camden looked at me and said, "Mommy, look at that! God made them special too!"

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As happy as I am to hear that YOUR 5.5 yr old is acting the same way as mine I'm so sorry to hear it at the same time. It is not fun and I know we are at a lost as to what to do sometimes. GOOD LUCK!

Kids...sometimes you can only explain so much LOL
Amanda said…
LOL at the Camden story! That is too funny! I love your new page! Wowzers it is stunning!

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