Date Night

Tonight was supposed to be date night, but there is absolutely no movie out that I want to see (and I love to go to the movies!). Besides, we've got a ton of house things that need to be done. I think we're going to go out to eat, and then hit Target and Wal-mart. There are so many little things we need for the house - blinds, sheets for Camden's new bed, towel hooks, rubber maids, etc. We're also mattress shopping for Camden. I'm hoping I can talk Brian into going to The Looking Glass, which is a family-run bakery/restaurant that is sooooo good! But it's slightly girly/romantic so we'll see.

I talked to Becky last night, and she matter of factly talked me through her treatment options and many of the implications that breast cancer has, I was overwhelmed. I'm not sure how she and Micah are still functioning, but as my mom reminded me recently God gives us grace to deal with the unthinkable. The thought struck me this morning that as horrific as the next 6-8 months will be, it is only a small season in their lives, and if we can remember the big picture, maybe that will help. I don't know - it helped me for a second.

I did a little retail therapy yesterday. It's a milestone - my first Janie and Jack purchase for a girl! It was on clearance and a really good price, and seriously cute. I haven't heard from our caseworker this week so I guess that means she didn't get everything finished up like she planned.

Well, I'm off to grocery shop and then will probably work on some laundry today. It's a tax-free weekend, so I might try to see if I can find some work clothes for me. I plan to spend tomorrow doing some unpacking and getting the house ready for company next week.

And I finished a layout this morning. Camden thinks it's such a "treat" to help his daddy mow the lawn. I'm sure he will not always think this is a treat!


Anonymous said…
Kelly and I had that exact same movie problem a few weeks ago. We had a sitter and there was absolutely nothing we wanted to go see. Spring movies are just plain bad. It's all about summer blockbusters.

I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I can't even imagine what that must be like. I would be a total wreck. I will be praying for her.

Enjoy your weekend!

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