So Sad

Today is Camden's last day at his school. He started here when he was 12 months old. I can remember going to the parent's night the day before he started and thought, "I just cannot leave him yet." They had cute little tables and chairs where they ate their meals instead of high chairs; little mats on the floor for their naps instead of baby beds. But he quickly adjusted and has loved it there. He has had wonderful teachers and has made lots of good friends. Most of the boys and girls in his class have been with him for the past 3 years. He doesn't realize, of course, that he'll never see them again. We've tried to gently prepare him, but in typical 3 year old fashion, he can't really wrap his brain around that and when he says goodbye today, I'm sure it will be very casual. They're planning a big party for him today. Brian just called me and said he saw gifts and cameras in several of the kids' cubby holes. I'm much more sad than Camden will be! The good news is that we have a really great school for him to attend, and I know he'll be just as happy there.

We have another meeting with our caseworker tomorrow. She's coming to the new house to update our homestudy (that was just completed this week). I am so hoping that she'll be able to finish it and send it off next week so we can officially start waiting for a referral. This means we have got to spend some serious time unpacking tonight! I'm discovering that having a larger house means there is alot more area to clean! It will definitely be more work than we're used to. I need to try to get into some sort of routine so that I don't leave it all for the weekends. I'm kinda missing my Berber carpet! I had forgotten how often you need to vacuum on regular carpet.


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