I hardly know what to do with my time! Brian is off at class tonight and tomorrow night. Camden is with his grandma and grandpa; my house is clean, and laundry is done! I came home, worked out, and am now headed off to watch Dancing with the Stars (does a workout count if it's followed up by popcorn and a Diet Dr. Pepper?).

I'm so tired these days even though life has slowed down quite a bit. I'm a but OCD when it comes to bedtime and sleeping, and if things aren't just exactly right, I don't sleep well. And I'm still adjusting to the new house, bedroom, etc. One of these days I'll adjust!

I have done some scrapping! I've got a ton of pictures to get caught up on, so I'm planning to use some of these child-free nights to do it. Here is an Easter page and a page using a picture of the 4 cousins in February.


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