Almost There

It's our last day in the house! How silly is this, but everything we do, I'm thinking, "it's the last time here." I really am sad about moving. I picked out every paint color in this house, the cabinets, carpet, counters, etc. We decorated Camden's nursery and brought him home to this house. But enough of being sentimental! All of these boxes are calling my name. It's raining today and is supposed to storm all day tomorrow so we should have a very wet moving experience! I'm headed to Walmart to pick up a few things, take books back to the library and then back home to get packing. It feels like we've got alot to do, but we've also done alot of work over the last 6 weeks or so and I really think it won't be too bad. Camden is going to his Gram's house to spend the night, and she is keeping him tomorrow while we move so that will be helpful.

Here are 3 layouts from this week. I expecially love this first one!


Anonymous said…
Great layouts today, Melissa. I love all of those bright colors! Congrats on your "last day" in your house. I hope all goes well as you move your things. Have a nice weekend!
M said…
Hope your move goes well and without incident. As always, fabulous LOs.

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