It's done!

Well, after a week of ups and downs, we finally closed on the house last night! And even that was a surprise! They told us to go ahead and come in to sign our portion of the paperwork, but they didn't expect the buyers to finish until next week. But when we arrived, what a great surprise to find that the buyers were signing at the same time. It feels so good and is such a relief to have it over and done with!

Thursday was Camden's last day of school. They had a fun party for him and the kids all brought gifts for him. His teacher crocheted him a blanket, and it was very sweet.

Friday I spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry getting ready for our caseworker visit. I think we're finally at the end of the our paperwork. After we closed on the house Friday afternoon, we went out to eat to celebrate. We also ordered Camden's bed and my dining room set! I am so excited for it to arrive, but it's going to be a couple of weeks.

This morning we met my parents and grandparents in Paducah, Kentucky. They're taking Camden home with them for 2 weeks. He was sooooo excited! I shed a few tears as we left. It's amazing how you can be exhausted and really just ready for a break, but when the moment comes, all you do is miss them. It's like a little piece of me is gone.

A few Camden stories: His favorite new words are awesome and important. He uses awesome all the time, and he tries his best to use it, but so far he hasn't used it in the right way. He's also a fan of "comfortable" these days. It's so funny the words they pick up and then use.

I'm hoping to get some good scrapping time in this week! I've missed it, and I've got a ton of new goodies to use. Since I have no new layouts to show you, look at these cute outfits I bought at Gymboree this week!


Anonymous said…
My goodness a lot has happened since I stopped by last! Congratulations on the house, and the move, and the non-ghetto neighborhood, and high speed internet...

Hopefully Camden is adjusting a bit more for you. Now you need to go find a dishwasher that fits your dishes. (Or use paper). ;)

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