We had a wonderful surprise from a family member yesterday - a sizable donation to our adoption fund, and it's almost the exact amount we need for our next payment next week. God is very good to us, and we're so grateful for our family who loves us.

Camden is seriously cracking us up these days! Last night, during commercial breaks from Dancing with the Stars, we danced. He asked me, "mommy, are we doing the mango?" I think he was referring to the tango that we saw a couple of weeks ago! He says the funniest things!

So, it's settled that we're moving on Saturday. I'm looking forward to having this over with! I'll be sad to leave our house, but glad to not be in transition any longer.

I have a little confession to make. I managed a little retail therapy to help me along as we wait for this adoption to finally get moving! I bought a cute little Asian lovey doll that we will send to her in Korea after we receive our referral, and I also bought a couple of outfits and a cute little pink denim jacket. I do fully realize that they will probably never fit her since I'm totally jumping the gun here, but it made me feel better anyway! Now, if we could only decide on a name and nursery theme.

I have two layouts to share today. Unless you think I've actually gotten back into my scrapping groove, I should tell you that I've had these two almost finished for weeks now. I just put the finishing touches on them last night.


Anonymous said…
Congrats on your upcoming move, Melissa! I know you're thrilled that this stage will be over soon!

What a blessing to receive the gift of money! You're right . . . God is good!

That "mango" comment was hilarious, too! Such a cutie, that Camden!
Chris said…
Retail therapy is a good thing, and you've earned it girl!!!
Anonymous said…
Amazing how sometimes everything falls into place!!! The money gift is something to be super grateful for!! Every little bit helps a lot!

Boys...what would we do w/out our boys!

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