The Best Part

My two favorite things from our new house is this view from my deck. We can walk to church, which saves us 2 hours in drive time on Sundays and an hour on Wednesdays.

The second great thing is that Camden can play outside all he wants (and he's loving it!). At our old house, the yard was small, the road too close, and the neighborhood was kind of scary, but now he can play all he wants.

And here's a layout I finished last night. These round stickers kept Camden quite busy a couple of weeks ago. He layered them onto his nose and had a fabulous time.


Anonymous said…
Melissa, I love that you can walk to church! We can do that too and it's so convenient. I'm so glad you're enjoying your new home so much.

Anonymous said…
How awesome is that to be soo close and OMG soo much room for Camden (and sister) to play! I'm excited for them! LOL

and as always another adorable page of Camden!

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