I forgot to mention the new toy Brian bought. Ever since he first saw the Dance Dance Revolution PS2 game, he's been dying to have it (for some reason!). Well, he finally bought it last week. His big idea is that it will be a fun workout thing we can do together. And, I'll admit, it's pretty fun! In fact, I've done it 3 nights in a row. It's not dancing by any means! It's a big mat with arrows on it that is connected to the PS2 and on the screen you follow the arrows with your feet, and it's to the beat of the songs of your choice. Yes, I'm sure we look like idiots!

Today was a crazy busy day at work. So busy, in fact, that the day just flew by. I came home exhausted! And I promise - this messy house makes me more tired just looking at it! I did 3 loads of laundry tonight and got them taken care of, moved all the rubber maids of things we packed up over the weekend into the spare bedroom, but I can't do much about all the other boxes. They're full of dishes and books and lots of heavy stuff that I'm not going to attempt to move. Mixed in with all the boxes, it looks like the Parent Teacher store exploded in our house. Brian has got bulletin boards and teacher projects scattered everywhere! He's got a ton of projects due before the end of the semester, so we've got crafty stuff all over!

We did have good news on the house and the adoption over the weekend. First, our homestudy is finally finished and almost ready to be sent off to our main agency in Minnesota where it will then be sent to Korea and we'll officially be waiting for a baby girl. Not quite as exciting, but very important - we heard from the realtor that the buyer's financing is looking good and they're ahead of schedule with getting everything taken care of. I'm starting to feel alot more hopeful that we really will be moving in 2 weeks. Now, to get to work and get this house packed up!

One Camden funny before I finish up here. Tonight, Camden called me into the bathroom and said he was finished with his bath. So I got the towel and started to let the water out. He laid back in the bathtub with his arms behind his head, let out a sigh, and said, "mommy, that was a great bath."

I know you saw this layout yesterday, but it bugged me all day today so I came home and redid it. I'm much happier with this version.


Anonymous said…
Hi Melissa!

Cute blog! I am going to have to bookmark it. :) I was laughing while I read about you and your hubby playing on the PS2 b/c I spent last night playing Zelda on the Wii with mine. Hee hee!

As for a dirty house sucking all the life out of you? Yep, I think it has been scientifically proven. Kuddos to you for doing three loads of laundry.

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