The temperature is 48 and falling if you can believe it! We've been in the mid to upper 80's for the last 3-4 weeks. I'm weird, I know, but I'm kinda enjoying the cooler weather. I like the briskness in the air. The only downside is that this cold weather is going to seriously put a wrench in Camden wearing the cute outfit I bought him for the egg hunt on Saturday! Would it be child abuse to put him in shorts in 40 degree weather so I can get those cute pictures? Just kidding!

Because of the Good Friday service on Friday, we're not having church tonight. Is it wrong to be very excited about going home on Wednesday and having Camden and Brian home for a quiet night? I can't wait! We've haven't seen Brian at all this week since he hasn't made it home before 10 p.m.

I seem to be incapable of completing a layout during the week recently and since I've already posted all my weekend layouts, I have nothing to show you today.


Anonymous said…
40's not that cold...maybe if you change him into pants right after the egg hunt. ;)

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