Happy Administrative Professionals Day

It was actually yesterday, but all the fun gifts I received just didn't quite cheer me up. Today, I can appreciate them a little more! My boss gave me some great goodies from L'Occitane that I'm very excited about as well as a box of truffles from Godiva. I also received a gift certificate for a fun sandwich place that also has great little desserts. Today the head honchos are taking us all out to eat at J. Alexanders so I'm looking forward to that.

I think Camden being with my parents this week might have been all part of God's plan. Camden is probably good for some fun distraction. For example, on one of the MANY phone calls to my mom yesterday, I could hear Camden just singing away at the top of his lungs. Mom said that he got an American Idol microphone with his Happy Meal and hadn't stopped singing since. I told her to feel free to ask him to stop singing if it got to be too much! He'll keep them hopping anyway!


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