We had wonderful news this morning! We've been working on paperwork for switching Camden's daycare since we're moving next week. The Christian school that he will be attending next year when he starts kindergarten has a great 3 year old and K-4 program, but there were no openings so we were going to put him on the K-4 waiting list, enroll him in our 2nd choice preschool and hope for the best. When Brian went to register this morning to get on the waiting list, they told him that Camden has a spot for K-4 and if we can hold off until May 29, he'll have a spot in the preschool. We're so excited about that! I was really dreading having him switch schools twice, and I'm so happy that he won't have to switch now, for K-4 or for kindergarten!

Here are a few Camden funnies for you. He's picked up the phrase, "Oh, Lord" (said with a big southern drawl). He says he learned it from Mater. We try to hide our giggles as we tell him it would be better to say something else. He also has become a big Ninja Turtle fan thanks to the McDonald's Happy Meal toys and a little friend at school who is apparently obsessed. He runs around the housing (using his wonderful martial arts skills) yelling, "Rock On!" Over the weekend, he noticed a commercial that had cute puppies on it and turned to us and said, "maybe we could get a puppy instead of my baby."

This is my one, lonely layout from the weekend. I am seriously getting no scrapping time these days! It's an old picture - he had only been home for about 3 weeks. Look at his cute chubby legs. He was just too adorable for words! I can remember being so in love with him (and still am, of course), but we were seriously captivated those early days!


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