What Love Looks Like


This guy knows what it's like to love in sickness and in health, and he does it so well. It's not a make believe fairy tale with big romantic gestures, princes and princesses, glass slippers, and happily ever afters.

It's putting someone else first, being selfless. It's walking in the door and asking what he can do to help me get supper on the table and then cleaning up after. It's making coffee every morning and then gently nudging my shoulder to let me know when it's ready because he knows I hate mornings and alarm clocks. It's an impromptu trip to the butcher to buy a steak after surgery because I mentioned it sounded good. It's silly written poems on Christmas morning.

Thursday morning as I was walking out the door to take the kids to school, I noticed he'd cleaned out the French press and had it ready for a new pot of coffee because he knew I like an extra cup when I'm working from home. I called the kids back inside, showed them the pot and told Rory to remember that gesture when she chooses a man to love. I told Camden to remember how his daddy served his mama when he's a married man of 17 years.

I don't know what your married life looks like (ours is certainly not perfect) or how your spouse shows you love, but Brian shows it every day in the little selfless acts that no one would ever notice. But I notice, and I feel cherished by a special man.



wonderful sentiments. all adolescent girls need to read this!
What a beautiful tribute to Brian!!
Unknown said…
One of my all time favorite posts...it really is about the gratitude and respect that comes from truly knowing one another, through all of life's messy moments.

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