Snow Day

So you know Tennessee doesn't get any kind of real snow/ice very often, and while the predicted amounts keep going up and down, Clarksville is currently getting hit with the biggest snow/ice storm in many years. As in since January 2003 (which happened on Becky's wedding weekend). It's fairly exciting, especially if you're a teacher or a kid. And, actually, my own office closed down for the day so I didn't have to worry about work either.

I snapped a few pictures while Brian got the van de-iced. He's taking them to some friend's house for a sledding party while I'm staying at home warm and cozy. Does that make me a bad mom? When they were little, I was all over stuff like that. Now that they're 8 and 11, I'm kind of all about staying wrapped up indoors. That is horrible, isn't it.

Trying on Brian's hats.



I'm cracking up because this is the same snow gear they've had for the last 3 years (which means my pictures from the last 3 winters are all the same). We just don't have enough snow/cold weather to warrant cute hats every year.




This one shows how fast the snow is falling.


I *adore* these photos!! I love the one of all three of them the most… you see the “snow joy” radiating off of them!!

The fact that you have off too makes a huge difference. It’s less stressful, for sure.

(You said in your other post Brian got stuck trying to take them… did they not make it to the sledding party?!)

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