Snow Day #3

Snow Day #3 and there might be a few cracks in the snow joy. Clarksville is essentially shut down - restaurants, coffee shops, library, city offices and schools. We've made soup and hot chocolate (for the one child who actually enjoys hot chocolate), been completely lazy, finished books, caught up on TV, played a lot of Wii.

And we participated in a Monopoly game that lasted 3 hours yesterday. In other words, it was never ending.


Brian got stuck trying to take the kids to a friend's house for a sledding party Monday so we tried to recreate the experience in our flat little yard, and it was not super successful. It did, however, get Camden and Rory out of the house and they enjoyed getting pummeled by their dad with snowballs. We also pulled out this snowman kit we received from some friends earlier in the ear and made a snow man on the back deck.





[My friend, Christine, has some truly stunning snow pictures (and snow volume!) if you want to see some real winter weather.]


Brian and the kids are off for take #2 on the sledding party, and I'm settling in to get some office work done. It's supposed to be -6 tonight with more snow on Friday so I'm imagining that we'll all still be enjoying these extra days together for at least 48 more hours. There's nothing really on the schedule except fitting in work when I can and maybe baking cookies with Rory later on - yum!


Vicky said…
Love that a snowman kit exists! I barely recall more than a single snow day- and sometimes that is more than enough- 3 is unheard of :) You truly got a heaping of snow!
I cannot even tell you how relieved I am to read that there is a crack in the snow joy… It makes me feel so normal! :) Yesterday Spencer asked, “Now what will we do?!” And I almost cried. Oy.

Your photos are SO. MUCH. FUN. It looks like there is nothing but happiness there. :)

(There are rumors that we may get some rain on Sunday. I am crossing everything.)

((And thank you for your sweet words!))

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