Saturday Mornings

Most mornings we leave before the sun is out, but Saturday mornings we stay in. Rory hasn't yet reached the age where she sleeps in, so when 7:30 rolls around (the rule is they have to stay in their room until 7:30 on Saturday mornings), she is bright-eyed and ready to be up and about. I try to take advantage of light whenever I can on a Saturday morning, because (1) there's sunlight and (2) she manages to look so darn cute in the morning. Seriously, wouldn't it be great if we all looked like this as we rolled out of bed?

(Because of the bright sun, every small angle changed up the white balance, haze, etc. I decided to leave the editing alone and just let them be the way they came out of the camera.)

She always plays it cool and pretends her mom isn't right in her face with the camera.

Those lips crack me up.








Owlhaven said…
She is soooooo cute.
Oh my gosh she is a beautiful girl! I love her cute cut too!! Hope you have a great relaxing weekend!
Mary DeGennaro said…
She is gorgeous!
VinGirl said…
Vicky said…
Love how you captured every single facial expression… the nose crinkle might be my favorite! And yes- adorable and unfair she rolls out of bed so pristine!!
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! And man, I'm jealous. I look *nothing* like that when I roll out of bed! ;-)

I love shooting in the early morning as well... but I get very frustrated with white balance as well. My kids move too quick for me to constantly monitor so I always flip to auto and then curse at myself when I'm editing. I think these look FABULOUS!
digiscrapthat said…
Not only is your daughter absolutely beautiful, but your photography skills have grown immensely. I was always envious of what a great photographer you were, ever since I first "met" you, but your photos now are spectacular. Can't wait to see the Disney pics!

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