6/52: Happy

I'm resolving to stop apologizing for the flaws in my photos so I won't point out that I realize these are mostly out of focus. It's perfectly okay. I'm going to keep telling myself that. ;)

Camden and Rory (mostly Camden) saved up all their money from Christmas, report cards, and allowance and bought themselves a Wii U. Camden seriously could not be more excited. This kid lives for the weekend when we allow him a measly 60 minutes on Saturday/Sunday to play on gaming devices and considering the newest device he has is a used DS we gave him for his 7th birthday, this new device is cause for pretty much more excitement than he's had in a long time. Because we are nothing but hard core, it arrived on Tuesday and he doesn't get to play until tomorrow.

Okay, so he hasn't played it yet but it's not because we're that hard-hearted. It just took a lot of set-up time, and we've had projects, church, etc. taking up our time.







This one completely cracks me up. Notice how excited Camden is compared to Rory. This is pretty descriptive of how they each feel about electronic devices.


Oh man, I can feel C’s joy radiating out from these photos!!

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