The Weekend Lens

I have to say that this weekend did not turn out exactly as I planned. I went to our women's home Bible Study Friday morning, which I love - I don't always get to go, but am always so happy when it works out. By the afternoon, however, it was clear that I needed to start steroids to take care of the allergic reaction I have to my chemo (Doxil). For instance, this is what my feet looked like.


Doxil makes me break out in a rash all over my body that is so hot and itchy I can barely stand it. I made it for a couple of days, but when my feet turned beet red and hurt like crazy, I knew I needed to give in. Unfortunately, the steroid makes me extremely sick. As in, almost worse than the rash. So Saturday I was sick all day. Thankfully, Brian was there to save the day. He surprised Rory and I with flowers, a decorated table, heart-shaped pancakes (which I should not have eaten), and cards. He also cooked a steak dinner that I did not get to enjoy.

Rory was so full of nervous energy over receiving the flowers that she was all kinds of awkward and giggly. It was pretty funny.

I had already written my post about Brian prior to the weekend, but if you needed any more indication that he's pretty fantastic, I'll give you an example. This happened to be the weekend we were providing a meal Friday night to a family from church, feeding the college kids (as in about 12 of them), making pies for a fundraiser Sunday night, and providing a meal for a family who just had a baby.

And I was so nauseous that I could not be on my feet.

So Brian took care of about 85% of all of that. Seriously, he is such a keeper. And my kids did 5 loads of laundry all on their own, mostly without grumbling. They're keepers too.


Camden asked if I could take a picture of him playing the Wii U for the first time so I obliged.

And a snapshot before school Friday morning with their school projects. Rory's was a Valentine's box and Camden's was a fish poster. Here's an example of how completely opposite they are. Rory is so determined to do things on her own that instead of waiting for help, she jumped right in wrapping that box on her own. And when she discovered that she didn't have enough paper or hadn't cut a slot on the top for cards to go through, she wasn't about to admit that she had made a mistake. I chose to let my OCD go, and told her she did a great job tackling a hard project all on her own. In contrast, Camden gets so worked up about even starting a project because he wants it to be perfect and then drives us all insane with is moaning and groaning over every little detail. Complete opposites!

Rory reading through the 2006 blog book and cracking up at 3-year old Camden's shenanigans. He was a hoot!


So how was your weekend?


How did I miss this?! I blame the storm. Whichever one it was. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well... But what a weekend! You guys were busy!

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