Kill Cancer Day - Guest Post

Today is round 3 of Doxil and a long day at Vanderbilt . . . otherwise known as Kill Cancer Day, Take 4, Round 3.

 I might be tempted to tell you about the three times I cried in front of a nurse as a result of being super squeamish about having a 1 inch needle pushed into my very sore chest, but there's no need for that. I survived; the nurse pushed the Ativan immediately, and I've got a prescription for numbing cream to use next time.

My friend Kari asked if she could hijack the blog, and I said yes. In case you need a visual, here is a picture of me, Jenne (Kari's co-conspirator), and Kari having lunch last week. These two (along with some other friends and family) have been so incredibly kind and generous to our family. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and can barely find the words to say a gracious thank you to all who have participated in this venture.)

(Clearly, we were in the dark. And at the end of a long meal and chat session.)


Take it away, Kari!


Shhhhh! Don't tell the kids!

Helloooooooooo fellow friends of Melissa!   It's a true joy to share with you about a little project that started out as a big secret.  Or, rather a BIG project that was a little secret.  In fact, the kids still DO NOT know about this.  Melissa and Brian are now in on the surprise because, well, logistics demanded it.  If you should talk to Camden or Rory --- Shhhhhhhh!   Lips sealed!!!!

Oh, so you want to know more?  Think you might want in on helping with an amazing gift?  You’ve been wanting to DO something? You’d like an opportunity to love on this family???

Alright, alright. Ok, I'll tell you...


Already, the number of people participating and the total amount given has been astounding. The idea is to provide the Lewis family with a time to get away, relax, and make some incredible memories.  We don’t want them to have to worry about anything and want to provide airfare, accommodations, park tickets, meals, and gratuities. We also want to provide a scooter for Melissa to use during the week since Disney vacations can mean a lot of walking, and we thought it would be nice to help preserve her energy.
So, how can you help with this project? Because Melissa likes lists (Hah!):

1. Click on the link and give a little or a lot

2. Share the link (facebook, email, etc) and talk about the project with friends, family, church members, coworkers, and… pretty much everyone you know

3. Continue to pray for Melissa – she is undergoing chemo but, currently, she has no travel restrictions

4. SHHHH! Don’t tell the kids!!

5. Comment with your ideas about a “big reveal” for Camden and Rory.

You can also keep up with the progress and some planning by reading the updates on the Go Fund Me link.   Let’s make this happen for the Lewis family!

Much love,


WHAT?!?! OMG… this is amazing and SO WELL DESERVED Melissa!!


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