Last Saturday, Liz (my youngest sister) and I picked my mom up from the airport. It was a beautiful fall day, and we took full advantage of it by shopping, taking a walk on 12th street, eating Jeni's ice cream. Of course.

Now my mom has visited many times in the past, but on this occasion she was here to stay with the kiddos while I spent Tuesday - Friday in Georgia at the Winshape Retreat with a group from work. It is more fantastic than I can describe to have her here helping me out . . . not for chemo or cancer, but because I had actual real-life plans.

And, oh, was Winshape incredible. I'm not sure I've ever experienced such fantastic customer service, or such a serene setting. One of my co-workers commented that you could just feel the presence of God on site, and I agree with her.

The days were full of work, but in the evenings we lingered around the dinner table watching the sun go down, chatting about any number of topics, including some pop culture trivial pursuit.
Each night about 8:00, it was like a little piece of heaven to retreat to my very large bedroom (and super large bathtub) all alone with my books and Beth Moore study.

Winshape is owned by Chick-Fil-A, a dairy farm turned conference center located on the campus of Berry College in Georgia and is mostly used for marriage retreats and conferences. The building we rented, Normandy Inn, is used 1 week out of the month for corporate retreats. The other 3 weeks is used for couples in crisis. As couples spend time in therapy there, they are encouraged to write along the closet walls what God has done in their lives and marriages. When Winshape renovated about 5 years ago, they chose to frame some of those pieces of plaster. I am not a sappy girl, but it was quite moving to walk through the halls and read comments from men and women whose marriages were restored.


Three course meals, three times a day.

View outside our window

Seven of us had this whole place to ourselves. Kind of amazing.


A king-sized bed all for me.

This one is my favorite photo.

And Thursday we had a wilderness team building exercise. Yes, that is me up on that swing. It was scary, enough to make your stomach drop, your heart race and incredibly fun all at the same time.

One of the best parts about this week was that it kept my mind off Sunday and Monday. Tomorrow I go to Vanderbilt for a CT scan (yes, on a Sunday) and on Monday will meet with Dr. C for results and bloodwork. I have been way too busy to worry, and I would appreciate your prayers for me over the next 2 days. I am trusting that all will be well.


Vicky said…
Oh my stars! Heavenly is the word that crosses my mind. Its like Carmel to me! Your photos are so artfully composed and beautiful. The light is amazing! So great you got to go!
What a fantastic time away! I will be thinking of you this week!
Norman said…
'Exceeding abundant above all we could ask or think!" Yes, that's our God!!!
Amy said…
That place looks AMAZING! So glad you were able to go and just a wee bit jealous of the quiet time! :) Praying for your scan and results.
That place looks (and sounds) absolutely amazing!!! I'm jealous!!

Thinking of you today and hoping for nothing but GOOD NEWS!!!

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